Choosing the right nail colour for your skin tone

Have you ever seen a nail colour on someone, absolutely loved it, tried it on yourself, and... it just didn’t look the same? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! The reason for this is simple: your skin tone plays a major role in how nail colours look on you. So let’s talk about choosing the best colours for your skin tone.

Here are our top tips for finding the perfect shade for you:

Pale Skin Tone: If you have a pale complexion, you’re in luck with all shades of pink and lavender, such as MANILAB’s Pink Floss and Lavender Fields semi-cured gel nail stickers. Bright reds, such as Lucky Red, and navy blues work great for you too. Steer clear of beige nails—they might give your skin a yellow undertone.

Fair Skin Tone: If you have fair skin and want to go beige, opt for cool beiges or white-pastels, like MANILAB’s Be Bare or Marshmallow semi-cured gel nail stickers. Also, consider pinks, lavender, and bright reds.

Medium Skin Tone: If your skin tone is medium, you can rock pinkish or beige nudes, such as our Naked semi-cured gel nail stickers. Sky-blues and peach shades, like our Peach Perfect and Blue Skies stickers, will complement your tone beautifully. Deep wine reds are also a great choice, like our Pucker Up.

Darker Skin Tone: Those with darker skin tones can pull off bold and vibrant colours. Think bright pinks, like our MANILAB exclusive Mani Magenta, peaches, cobalt blues, and darker greens, like our exclusive Rich Emerald. Deep colours like maroons and emerald greens may make your nails appear smaller, so if you’ve got wider nail beds that might just work for you!

It’s not just about skin tones; it’s also about undertones like golden, olive, or pink, and whether you have a warm or cool complexion.

Warm Complexion: Colours like peach, orange, like our Flaming Desert semi-cured gel nail stickers, and red work well for you.

Cool Complexion: Shades of blue, green, or lavender are ideal.

Golden Undertone: Reds, oranges, and browns, like our Dark Temptation will suit best.

Olive Undertone: Neutrals with warm tones like red, orange, and dark olive greens, like our Dirty Martini, are your go-to. Vibrant pinks are also flattering.

Pink Undertone: Sheer pinks, like our Lipstick semi-cured gel nail stickers, cooler pinks, and charcoal greys, like our 50 Shades, can enhance your nails without overwhelming your complexion.

We hope these tips help you find your perfect match!

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