Here are some of our most frequently asked questions


Will semi-cured gel nails damage my nails?

We all know the feeling of paper thin nails after a visit to the nail salon. With MANILAB, there are no harsh chemicals, no buffers, and no nail drills, meaning your nails aren’t subject to trauma and damage. 

The adhesive used to stick the semi-cured gel nails to yours is non-toxic and easy to remove. When removing your MANILAB nails, we recommend you be gentle and slowly unstick the nails using the cuticle stick provided (check out our videos on the How To page or Instagram). The more carefully you do this, the less likely you are to experience damage to your nail. You can use some cuticle oil to smooth your process of unsticking the nails from your nail bed. 

We also find most people experience nail growth and less breakage when wearing semi-cured gel nails. 


Do I need to use any chemicals? 

MANILAB’s semi-cured gel nails are non-toxic and free of harsh chemicals. What’s more, you don’t require any chemicals to put them on or take them off. Say goodbye to the strong chemical and acetone when doing your nails. 


Do I need a top coat? 

MANILAB’s semi-cured gel nails are triple layered strips of gel polish that have been 60% cured. The gel layers include a base coat, colour and top coat, meaning there is no need for an additional top coat. If you would like some extra shine on your MANILAB nails we recommend using a 4-way nail buffer to give them a polish. 


Is the UV light safe?

According to the Cancer Council, “generally UV and LED lamps emit low levels of radiation and exposure times are short.” MANILAB’s semi-cured gel nails are 60% cured, so this means less time under the UV Lamp to cure (just 60 seconds to be exact). 

“If you are concerned, apply a broad spectrum SPF30 (or higher) sunscreen to your hands 20 minutes before they are exposed to UV light or use fingerless gloves.”

Reference: https://www.cancer.org.au/iheard/do-the-uv-lights-used-in-nail-salons-for-shellac-and-other-nail-polishes-cause-skin-cancer 


Do I have you use your LED lamp?

We highly recommend using our MANILAB LED lamp to cure our gel nails to get the best results. If you already own an LED lamp we recommend making sure the lamp is the same voltage of 6W. Higher or lower voltage lamps are not recommended for our product. 


How do I store my new MANILAB nails?

MANILAB’s semi-cured gel nails are 60% cured, this means they are quite sensitive to sunlight and will start to cure (or harden) if exposed to sunlight. If you’re eager to check out your new set of nails before putting them on, make sure you return them to their dark protective pouch and keep them out of sunlight. When putting your new nails on, keep the remaining nail strip away from your UV Lamp light when curing. 


How do I return a product? 

We would love to know if you’re not 100% satisfied with your MANILAB purchase, so the first step is to email us at hi@manilab.com letting us know the reason for your return. 

If something isn’t right with the products you received, please let us know at hi@manilab.com within 14 days of receiving your order. We would be happy to issue you a replacement or refund. 


How long do the semi-cured gel nails last? 

When applied properly, MANILAB’s semi-cured gel nails can last up to two weeks. If you have any accidents with one of your nails, you can easily remove it and replace it with another in your strips (so make sure you hang onto these after application!). 


The semi-cured gel nail sizes aren’t quite right for my nails, what can I do? 

MANILAB’s semi-cured gel nails are flexible, which means they can be stretched to size if you need a better fit for your nail. Simply peel them from the nail strip and gently pull at the sides, before adhering to your nail.


How to make my semi-cured gel nails last longer? 

The following key things, as shown in our MANILAB How To video on the MANILAB Website and on Instagram, are key to making your nails last longer (so don’t skip these steps!):

  • Cleaning your nails with the alcohol wipes provided. This removes any excess oils from your nails, enabling better adhesion. 
  • Use the cuticle stick provided to push the semi-cured gel nails firmly down all around your cuticle line. This ensures it adheres well, and prevents it from lifting and catching in your hair.
  • Use the cuticle stick provided to push the semi-cured gel nail under your cuticle skin. This ensures the nails are stuck over your skin, preventing lifting.
  • After cutting the nail down, don’t forget to push down firmly on the tip and fold the excess over the tip of your nails, before curing. This ensures it adheres well to the tip, and can prevent lifting and bubbling. 
  • Avoid leaving the semi-cured gel nail longer than your natural nail. The semi-cured gel nails aren’t quite as hard as your natural nail alone, and therefore may be prone to breakage if left to hang.  
  • Aim to avoid wetting your hands or applying cuticle oil to your nails for at least 1-2 hours after application. This will give the adhesive a change to harden.