Welcome to our little nail haven, the MANILAB.

We are two best friends who are passionate about making it easier and safer to have great nails. A new mum and nail enthusiast duo, we believe taking care of yourself should never be a luxury, it should be a priority. 

MANILAB’s semi-cured gel nails are gentle on your nails, chemical-free, and long-lasting. And, they’re easy to apply, so you can have gorgeous nails even when you’re short on time! 

We hope you love our nails as much as we do. We can’t wait to see how you flaunt our designs!


Aleks & Flavia 


Aleks is our resident nail enthusiast who loves experimenting with new designs and techniques. She has always been the go-to person for anyone who wants to have perfectly polished nails - and she’ll tell you if they’re not up to scratch. Aleks is always looking for ways to make doing your nails at home easier, more affordable, and make you feel pampered. 


The driving force behind launching MANILAB and sharing it with the world. Without her passion, drive and determination, we might still be sitting around dreaming about making perfectly polished nails for everyone. Flavia is a first time mum to a cheeky 1 year old and strong advocate for chemical free products, and shows us that there is room for being a great mum and taking care of yourself.