Spring into Style: Top Nail Trends of the Season

Spring is the time for renewal, rejuvenation, and a fresh new look. Just as flowers start to bloom, your nails deserve a burst of colour and creativity too! We've scoured the best sources, including Beauty Crew, Harper's Bazaar, Elle Australia, and more, to bring you the ultimate guide to this season's hottest nail trends and how you can achieve them using MANILAB’s semi-cured gel nail stickers. Get ready to flaunt your fingertips in style!


MANILAB - Lavender Fields on hand

This season, the lavender hue is set to bring a serene and fresh vibe, perfect for embracing the blooms with grace. Our Lavender Fields hue hits the mark! 


2.Multi-Hued Nails

MANILAB - Multi hued nails

Why limit yourself to one shade? Celebrities like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are inspiring a trend where each nail flaunts a different colour. It's a delightful and imaginative way to express your unique style and elevate your nail game. The gradient effect achieved by blending various lavender and coral shades adds a vibrant twist to your spring style. To achieve this look you can experiment with our pastel hues including Lavender Fields, Pink Floss, Peach Perfect, and Mauve Aside


3.“Rich Girl” Nails

Hand showcasing our Be Bare semi-cured gel nail stickers

Have you heard about the “rich girl manicure” trend? This trend champions luxurious simplicity, with a sheer pinky-nude shade that complements your skin tone flawlessly. The epitome of understated luxury that's as captivating as it is refined and you can achieve it in seconds with our Be Bare or Marshmallow semi-cured gel nail sticker hues!


4.Glazed donut is still in! 

hand using our glazed donut semi-cured gel nail stickers

When Jennifer Lopez embraces a trend, it becomes a phenomenon, and “cellophane nails” are no exception. Sheer, shimmery, and undeniably chic, these nails add a touch of glamour to your ensemble without overpowering your style. You can achieve this look with our glazed donut semi-cured gel nail stickers. 


5.Barbiecore Revival

hand showcasing out Mauve Aside semi-cured gel nail stickers

Aura nails are evolving this spring, with shades of pinks and peach taking centre stage. Blame Barbiecore for this resurgence! These hues bring a playful and youthful energy to your nails, capturing the essence of the season's spirit. You can achieve this with our Pink Floss, Mauve Aside, Peach Perfect, and Mani Magenta. 


6.Milk Bath Nails

MANILAB - Marshmallow

Whether as a bare base or the canvas for nail art, the sheer white glossy nail, often referred to as the "milk bath" nail, is making waves. As endorsed by Kim Kardashian herself, this trend exudes timeless elegance and pairs beautifully with any outfit. Our Marshmallow semi-cured gel nail sticker is the perfect elegant, sheer hue to achieve this look. 


8.Micro French Mani

MANILAB - French Please!

The French manicure gets a modern twist with the micro French mani. Featuring an ultra-thin line, this delicate detail adds a touch of finesse to your nails, making them feel both contemporary and timeless. Lucky for you, MANILAB’s semi-cured gel nail stickers are flexible and can be stretched - meaning our French Please! can be used to achieve the perfect micro-tip. 


9.Mint Green Magic

MANILAB - Pistachio Delight - Hand

As winter transitions to spring, mint green nails offer a refreshing change. This soft and soothing hue captures the essence of renewal and perfectly prepares your nails for the vibrant days ahead. Change it up and achieve this look with our Pistachio Delight semi-cured gel nail stickers! 

Whether you're all about sleek sophistication, playful pastels, or subtle elegance, there's a trend that speaks to your style.

Ready to rock these spring nail trends?  

Don't forget to share your nail art with us using #ManilabSpringNails. Let's make this spring a season of creative self-expression and blooming beauty!



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